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      These were tossed and counted the same way. Then followed canteens, haversacks and tin plates and cups.

      A squad of rebels were riding swiftly up the road toward the videt.

      "Might I inquire," asked Monty Scruggs, as he came up, wiped his face and sat down on a rock, "whether this is what you'd call a forced march, or merely a free-will trial trot for a record.""All right, boys, I'll lay low. I've come down here to help you," answered the Deacon.

      "Mustn't we eat none o' their pies?" asked the boys, with longing remembrance of the fragrant products of their mothers' ovens.He looked around again, saw Nate taking his place along with the other men selected, and called out:

      "All right," assented Si, who had as little taste as his partner for seeming to weaken. "Here goes for a fight or a foot-race."

      "The orders are," said the Orderly-Sergeant in a low tone, as he passed down in front of the company, "to strip off your bankets, canteens, and haversacks, and pile them. They'll be in the road in the rush, and catch in going through the abatis."

      "Certainly not," said Shorty. "How could you imagine such a thing? But just how to trade you off for this rebel passenger presents difficulties. If we try to throw him overboard we shall certainly tip the canoe over. And I'm afraid he's not the man to give up peaceably a dry seat in the canoe for your berth on the log."


      "No, we won't," Si assured him. "You just keep with us and you'll be all right."



      It was late in the afternoon before the overworked Surgeon in the field hospital at Chattanooga, in which Si and Shorty were finally deposited, found time to examine them."DON'T yo'uns crow too much over gittin' Shelbyville," the prisoners said to Si. "Yo'uns couldn't never 've got hit in the world if Jinerul Bragg hadn't a'wanted yo'uns to."